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When you research flooring materials, one of the options that will come up a lot if you live in Windermere, FL is concrete. Concrete floors are a favorite of the people here because of how well it fits with the average lifestyle and the climate of Florida. Moreover, concrete resurfacing and overlay is extremely pocket-friendly yet has great aesthetics. This means anyone can get awesome floors without expending too much.

But unless done by expert concrete resurfacing contractors, it can go wrong just as easily. It can be difficult and confusing to choose the right concrete company for the job, especially if you do not have much experience. That is why you should go with Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando, which has been reviewed as the best in Windermere, FL.

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Concrete Design

Our services range from routine concrete floor resurfacing to decorative concrete. Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando is well-known as the leading authority in stamped concrete work, besides being experts in the use of concrete stain colors, for achieving the most appealing designs of patterned concrete. We can also do simpler overlays, like concrete polishing or texturing, which are useful in formal spaces or outdoor areas.

We provide a range of specialized services like concrete patio resurfacing, concrete porch resurfacing, concrete driveway resurfacing, and concrete pool deck resurfacing. We understand the special needs in these cases and offer the requisite options in each.

Do you have a dull Concrete Floor you want to revamp?

Concrete Resurfacing Windermere

Concrete resurfacing is a really versatile technique used to repair and redo old and damaged concrete floors as well as give concrete surfaces with outdated looks a fresh new appearance. There are many ways to do it. Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando is most popular for using artistic stamped concrete patterns for the same. We also do colored concrete overlays to perk up a concrete floor.

There are many other ways besides pressed concrete, like concrete polishing and texture refinishing. For areas with extra requirements like patios, driveways, or swimming pool decks, we do special types of resurfacing like concrete kool deck resurfacing, driveway resealing, etc. 

Concrete Resurfacing

Stamped Concrete Patio Windermere

Stamped Concrete Patio 1

Concrete patio flooring holds up way better than any other material in the hot and humid weather of Windermere, FL. This is because a concrete or cement patio would not be affected easily by water, rot, or fungus. Moreover, even without such conditions, concrete itself does not wear out too easily, and if you have a stamped concrete patio, minor imperfections would not even be visible.

Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando provides a wide range of concrete patio designs to choose from. Moreover, despite the assurance of quality and variety, our concrete patio cost will never exceed your budget. Plus, we do not just resurface concrete patios, we also do concrete porch resurfacing.

Driveway Resurfacing Windermere

When it comes to driveways, people always remain in a state of worry because of the fact that driveways are always the first to take damage. But concrete driveway resurfacing can rid you of that worry. They are hardy and do not develop cracks or chips easily. Moreover, you do not have to compromise appearance for durability; with a stamped concrete driveway, you can have a pretty driveway that lasts for years, if not decades.

A concrete driveway resurfacing also has the advantage of making it easier to repair damages. You do not have to dig up the entire area to repair it. All you have to do is patch up that area with overlay and copy the concrete pattern of the rest of the area on it and you are good to go.

Driveway Resurfacing

Pool Deck Resurfacing Windermere

Pool Deck Resurfacing

Pool deck resurfacing options are many when you have a concrete pool deck. You can use stamped concrete designs to create an imprinted concrete deck. Or you can use textures like a spray deck. If you want, Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando can also use special fade-resistant outdoor concrete stains to create printed concrete designs for an even more interesting look. 

But the best option in Windermere, FL would be the concrete cool deck resurfacing. It keeps the deck cool even in the extreme heat of Florida summers. Moreover, it does not allow the deck to get wet and slippery.

Concrete Design Windermere

Concrete design is a huge field that encompasses a lot of components. It includes stamped concrete, concrete stain, concrete texturing, and a combination of these methods to create novel concrete patterns. Stamped concrete is the specialty of Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando, with a wide range of designs in cement stamps and high quality at affordable stamped concrete costs.

We also provide both water-based cement stains and acid stain concrete to create beautiful designs in stained concrete floors. Textures like knockdown, spray, rock salt, broom, and more are great options for those with low cost threshold. You can even give us a unique design and our concrete resurfacing contractors will recreate it for you.

before and after concrete walkway

Service Areas

The concrete resurfacing services of Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando are available to people living anywhere in Windermere, FL. But even if you do not live directly in Windermere but in one of the surrounding areas, you do not have to worry. We do extend our services in the neighboring areas too. 

About Us

We at Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando are highly reputed for the variety of concrete resurfacing options we provide. You will get all kinds of reparative and decorative concrete overlay in the same place. Moreover, we make concrete overlay a hassle-free job unlike others, who take days to complete a simple work. But most importantly, we maintain a transparent pricing system, so that you will get the best possible concrete overlay cost in Windermere, FL.

And the most obvious fact that you must know about us is the attention to quality we give. Whether it be interior or exterior concrete resurfacing, our work follows global standards of concrete refinishing and cement resurfacing. And our concrete floor designs are known everywhere for the stellar looks achieved.

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