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Pool Deck Resurfacing, Orlando, FL

Instead of brick or travertine pavers, which require more maintenance to keep them looking nice, pool deck resurfacing using stamped concrete has become very popular due to the lower maintenance, multitude of options, and long-term durability.  No one likes to see weeds between their pavers and constant cleaning from the sand that dislodges from the paver joints.  Concrete overlays by our experts at Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando provide beautiful and durable concrete pool deck resurfacing options for your swimming pool deck.  Our concrete surfaces not only look fantastic, but they require little maintenance and can be kept looking new with just resealing every couple of years.

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Why Go for Concrete Pool Deck Resurfacing?

There are many advantages that a concrete pool deck has over other pool deck flooring materials. Stamped concrete pools decks in Orlando are a great alternative over that outdated spray deck or cool deck.  When considering upgrading your pool deck with pavers, take a look at some of our pictures in our Gallery and on this page.  As you see, there are many options available for your pool deck – from that modern South Beach look using a large tile pattern, or a more rustic flagstone pattern – you can create the feel you are looking for with one of our many available patterns.

A concrete pool deck finished in our stamped concrete overlay, can provide the same grip a well-textured concrete floor like a spray deck can provide, while providing a premium feel and look. Expert concrete resurfacing contractors like the ones at Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando  can provide the pool deck of your dreams.  We provide a free on-site consultation to discuss your project in detail. We will show you the options available.  We also offer custom patterns and colors to fit your needs to create a custom concrete design for you!  

What Are Your Pool Deck Resurfacing Options?

There are a large number of options that you can choose from if you are planning to do a concrete pool deck resurfacing. One of the most popular ways to go is to create a paved look with concrete stains and stamped concrete. There are a large number of variations you can get with this option. But one con of this is that the constant exposure to the sun could cause the colored concrete to fade. But Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando uses special outdoor concrete stains for our decorative concrete surfaces to solve this problem.

You can also choose to simply go for a textured concrete pattern. This is cheaper and easier to get and maintain and is perfect if you are on a tight budget. This pool deck resurfacing option is similar to a spray deck. 

If you are into more dramatic looks, you can think about getting a unique concrete design, for your pool area. But perhaps the best investment for someone living in Orlando, FL would be a stamped concrete pool deck by our experts. We walk you through all the options and work with you to create a pool deck of your dreams!

What is Pool Deck Resurfacing?

Cool deck or pool deck resurfacing is a type of pool deck resurfacing that’s been around for years. It was invented by Mortex in 1962, and it’s still in use today. It uses a special formula for the concrete resurfacing that forms a textured layer on the concrete floor. This layer is capable of staying cool in the most scorching Florida sun.

As a result, you will not burn your feet on a pool deck. This is a blessing if you leave in the heat of Orlando, FL. The texture in the surface minimizes the risk of slipping on the wet surface of the pool deck as well. Spray deck or pool deck is an economical way to resurface your concrete pool deck.   However, our Artistic concrete resurfacing contractors in Orlando can provide you more options with our stamped concrete patterns and unique features in comparison to other pool deck resurfacing options such as spray or pool deck.

What Kind of Swimming Pool Deck is Best for You?

If you ask us at Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando, we will recommend pool deck resurfacing with our stamped concrete process.  It has many advantages over other concrete pool deck resurfacing options including beautiful patterns, textures, and colors in addition to ease of maintenance.  Your swimming pool is an investment you want to enjoy.  Create an inviting environment by designing a concrete pool deck that complements your pool and home!

Transform Your Concrete Patio, Pool Deck, Or Driveway With Stamped Concrete Resurfacing.

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The people of Orlando, FL are really proud of their pools and thus, we are too by serving them. Having a wonderful pool deck adds to the aesthetics of the area. So, if you want to give your pool deck a makeover, simply call Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando or fill and submit the form to have one of our experts call you back for a free evaluation regarding your swimming pool needs.