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Concrete is perhaps the biggest blessing that the flooring in Lake Nona, FL, could have had. Concrete floors do not rot, degrade, or catch mildew like wood. Concrete overlay is not as costly as stone or marble, but can be made equally attractive. Concrete resurfacing, which is the best way to repair or redo a concrete floor, is easy, quick, and cheap. Concrete does not crack like tiles. 

But most importantly, there are so many options in decorative concrete that no other flooring material can come even close to. And when Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando is called to do your concrete refinishing and overlay, you get more concrete resurfacing options than you can even imagine. 

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Concrete Design

As we already mentioned, Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando is the most versatile in all of Lake Nona, FL. Our concrete resurfacing contractors can handle all kinds of jobs. Our USP is stamped concrete. In fact, our stamped concrete overlays are quite popular all over Florida.

We make stamped concrete overlay and stained concrete floors, and can even combine the two to create beautifully patterned concrete. Besides that, we also provide concrete polishing and textured concrete refinishing. Moreover, we provide many specialized concrete resurfacing services like concrete driveway resurfacing, concrete pool deck resurfacing, concrete patio resurfacing, concrete porch resurfacing, and more. 

Do you have a dull Concrete Floor you want to revamp?

Concrete Resurfacing Lake Nona

Concrete resurfacing is very important if you have concrete floors. It helps repair damages, big and small, in your concrete floor and make it as good as new again. Moreover, if you have become bored with your old imprinted concrete, you can go for concrete resurfacing work for a new concrete pattern. 

Concrete resurfacing can be done in many different ways, from stamped concrete patterns and concrete textures to concrete stain colors for printed concrete designs. Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando can also use a combination of the two to create never-seen-before pressed concrete styles. The options are endless when the concrete resurfacing contractors know what they are doing. 

Concrete Resurfacing

Stamped Concrete Patio Lake Nona

Stamped Concrete Patio 1

The best way to ensure that your patio flooring lasts for ages without showing much wearing down or damage is by getting a concrete patio. A concrete patio can not only tolerate the outside weather elements of Lake Nona, FL but also the higher footfall that a patio usually sees.

We at Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando resurface concrete patio floors in many different ways to suit your demands. You can choose from among the myriad concrete patio designs that we provide. A stamped concrete patio, according to us, is the best idea if you want to lower the concrete patio cost without compromising on quality or looks.

Driveway Resurfacing Lake Nona

Driveway resurfacing is a pretty in-demand service at Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando due to the fact that driveways get worn-out or damaged pretty quickly from the greater stress of plying cars. A concrete driveway resurfacing can have many advantages in this respect. They will not only last longer but will also be easier and more economical to maintain and repair.

Resealing once a year is enough to keep concrete driveways in top shape for 20 to 30 years or more. If you are looking for a quirky look, you can even add stamped concrete designs to this. A stamped concrete driveway will be the perfect first impression to make when visitors enter your home in their cars.

Driveway Resurfacing

Pool Deck Resurfacing Lake Nona

Pool Deck Resurfacing

Swimming pool decks need to be carefully designed or they can take all the fun out of pools.. One of the best pool deck resurfacing options to counter such problems is the concrete cool deck resurfacing. As the name suggests, it keeps the deck surface temperature low and prevents feet burns.

Cool deck resurfacing also prevents the deck from getting slippery due to wetness. There are obviously other options to increase traction too. You can also use colored concrete here to add to its look. Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando uses special UV-resistant outdoor concrete stains for that.

Concrete Design Lake Nona

Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando uses concrete design to enhance the look of ordinary concrete floors. This can be done in several ways. One way is by using concrete stain to create colored or printed concrete looks. We use both water-based cement stains as well as acid stain concrete. Another way is to create textured looks like knockdown, broom, lace, splatter, etc. 

But the most popular concrete design in Lake Nona, FL is stamped concrete. It is the easiest to do, using cement stamps. It is also the reason why stamped concrete cost is low. If you want something simpler and more formal, you should always go for concrete polishing.

before and after concrete walkway

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The concrete resurfacing services of Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando are quite popular in Lake Nona, FL. We make it a point to try to serve every person here who calls upon us to help them sort their concrete needs. But if you live in one of the neighboring areas, then, too, you can call us and we will extend our services to you.

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Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando is the premier company when it comes to concrete floor resurfacing in Lake Nona, FL. We provide all kinds of concrete and cement resurfacing services that one can possibly need, all under one roof. We guarantee global standards of quality in all our concrete overlays and resurfacing work. But we never inflate our charges and only take the standard concrete overlay cost that justifies the work we did.

We are backed by star reviews and multiple recommendations by the people in not just Lake Nona, FL but also all other places that we operate in. If you look forward to a high quality of work, a large variety in concrete floor designs as well as affordability, you are in the right place.

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