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For most people in Lake Mary, FL, concrete is the ‘go-to’ material for flooring. Concrete flooring is highly durable and can tolerate the high heat and humidity of Florida without getting cracks, rots, or mold. They are affordable and gives far more variety than any other material,

You can even mimic the looks of other, far costlier flooring materials like stone, wood, marble, or travertine, with concrete. Concrete is also easier to construct and repair, with easy concrete resurfacing and overlays. And when done by Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando, all these advantages are multiplied manifold.

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Concrete Design

The service that Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando is best known for is stamped concrete. Our stamped concrete overlay is the best in all of Lake Mary, FL, and it is not even an exaggeration. But we are not restricted to that, of course. We do all kinds of concrete resurfacing work, including specialized ones like concrete patio resurfacing, concrete porch resurfacing, concrete driveway resurfacing, and concrete pool deck resurfacing.

Besides functional concrete overlay, we also do concrete floor designs with colored concrete and pressed concrete. We can do aesthetic concrete design, abstract concrete patterns, or create the exact look of other materials like timber, stone, or marble, or even something more complex like the beach or forest floor. Other than that, we do concrete polishing and textured refinishes too.

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Concrete Resurfacing Lake Mary

Concrete resurfacing is the basic service that is necessary to construct, redo, or repair any kind of concrete surface. The best way to do this is through overlays. However, major damages must be cleaned and filled up with mortar first before resurfacing the region. Otherwise, the problem would persist.

A concrete overlay can then be given any kind of concrete refinishing. One of the most popular in Lake Mary, FL are stamped concrete patterns. However, there are various other options like printed concrete using concrete stain colors or textures like splatter, knockdown, broom, etc. The variety increases even further when you combine the two.

Concrete Resurfacing

Stamped Concrete Patio Lake Mary

Stamped Concrete Patio 1

A concrete patio is the cleverest way to keep your patio flooring as good as new for years without any damage or weathering. This is especially important as people spend so much time in their patios.

A concrete or cement patio has other advantages too. Low concrete patio cost combined with high durability reduces the lifetime expenditure on it. Not only that but there is also greater diversity in the kinds of looks you can obtain using concrete patio designs. We at Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando resurface concrete patios and similar structures like porches and pergolas too.

Driveway Resurfacing Lake Mary

While you have many options for your driveway, but nothing compares to the utility of concrete. Concrete driveway resurfacing makes it last far longer than other materials with just basic maintenance and resealing done every year.

Along with such durability, if you want aesthetics, concrete has your back there too. You have literally unlimited possibilities with a stamped concrete driveway. You can choose any kind of imprinted concrete design to give your driveway a look that matches with the theme of the exterior of your house.

Driveway Resurfacing

Pool Deck Resurfacing Lake Mary

Pool Deck Resurfacing

Pool deck resurfacing options are many when you go with concrete. But your swimming pool deck should also be such that it does not become too slippery when wet, or it will cause falls. A concrete pool deck is a great way to ensure that, especially with kool deck resurfacing. It is a special formulation that not only keeps the surface temperature low during the hot summer of Lake Mary, FL, but also does not let it get wet.

With Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando, you can choose any kind of patterned concrete, and get the guarantee of non-fading cement stains due to our special use of UV-resistant outdoor concrete stains.

Concrete Design Lake Mary

Concrete design allows Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando to show the creativity possible with concrete. We can do any kind of stamped concrete designs using cement stamps. This is quite a good option for those wanting a cool look at a small budget due to low stamped concrete cost. We can do stained concrete floors with concrete stains. We use both water and acid stain concrete.

We can also combine the two to create innovative concrete patterns that give an elite look to your house. But for a more simplistic appearance, you can also go for concrete polishing or simple textures and impressions.

before and after concrete walkway

Service Areas

Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando provides world-class services to the people of Lake Mary, FL. But we do not restrict ourselves there. We also offer our services to the folks in the neighboring areas of Lake Mary, FL, which includes Longwood, Heathrow, and Sanford.

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The one thing that we can assure you without a doubt is that you will find no other concrete refinishing and cement resurfacing company in Lake Mary, FL that has the range of concrete resurfacing options that we do. Nor will you see another service provider with such a high percentage of positive reviews across the online and offline customer base. Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando has been doing concrete overlay and decorative concrete work for quite some time and hardly anybody has any complaints.

We try to maintain the highest level of quality in all our work, whether it be a small overlay or a major concrete floor resurfacing, whether it is interior or exterior concrete resurfacing, whether it be a simple reparative job or a complex decorative concrete overlay. Our concrete resurfacing experts make every job look easy. And most importantly, we keep our concrete overlay costs in a range that can be accessed by anybody in Lake Mary, FL.

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