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Concrete Resurfacing, Orlando, FL

Concrete floors are a lifesaver if you live in Orlando, FL. This is because most other flooring options do not do so well in the hot and humid tropical weather typical to Florida. Concrete is a long-lasting flooring surface that can come to life with the right stamped concrete or overlay design.

A concrete floor, however, can last for decades if you maintain it well. With the occasional concrete resurfacing with concrete overlays, you can increase its lifespan. Concrete resurfacing works both as a reparative and a decorative technique. It is also quite economical as you do not have to demo the old floor to resurface it. 

If your floor has gotten old and you want to make it look new, you can overlay the entire floor and use some decorative concrete technique on it. It is even easier when you get it done by us at Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando. We tailor the service exactly to suit your needs with your budget in mind. After we are done, we guarantee that you will be awed by your own concrete floors like never before.

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How Does Concrete Resurfacing Help Improve Damaged Concrete Floors?

Old and worn concrete floors, if not maintained, will lead to increased damage over time. Small cracks can turn into large fractures, and little chips into potholes. Doing a cement resurfacing in time can protect your concrete floor from degrading further by refurbishing the surface and adding that wow factor at the same time.

Concrete refinishing for damage repair is more economical than other techniques because it corrects the damage locally and therefore does not require a complete demolition of the entire floor. 

The concrete resurfacing contractors at Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando are experts in the concrete overlay process so you can trust us to resurface your dull concrete floor and create a beautiful durable surface that will be easy to maintain and last for years.

Can Concrete Resurfacing be Used to Redo Your Concrete Floor?

Concrete overlays can also be used to make an old, dull concrete floor look new again. The best part is that you do not have to dig up the old flooring at all to redo it. You can simply do a complete overlay and resurface the floor with any concrete design you want.

There are a number of ways you can get a new patterned concrete floor done to elevate the appearance of your concrete floor. You can use concrete stains to get colored concrete patterns. Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando are experts at concrete overlay patterns, textures, and color staining.

Stamped concrete, is a  popular technique in Orlando, FL. This overlay method uses specific tools to create beautiful stamped concrete patterns. 

You can even create stamped concrete designs on stained concrete floors for extra jazz. Highly experienced concrete resurfacing contractors can even create the looks of other flooring materials like stone, wood, or marble, as well as interesting patterns like shells, leaves, or fossils.

You can also simply go with concrete polishing for a high-shine look for formal spaces. For exterior concrete resurfacing, a great option would be creating textures like stone, brick, tile, or wood for a  low-maintenance but attractive look.

Why is Stamped Concrete the Best Concrete Resurfacing Technique?

Some of the reasons why stamped concrete is really loved by the people of Orlando, FL, is due to the ease of maintenance, the available options, the affordability, and the durability. Let us elaborate on how and why.

Stamped concrete floor resurfacing can be done at any time simply by preparing the old concrete floor in the right manner. It is economical too, as we already mentioned, not only because stamped concrete cost is low but also because it does not need you to do a complete overhaul. Moreover, concrete is not affected easily by heat or humidity, which are the two biggest environmental factors that affect buildings and structures in Florida.

Perhaps the most important factor is that you can do so much with stamped concrete. You can use regular patterns to create imprinted concrete, like pavers or create motifs like leaves and shells. Or you can use it with cement stains to get elaborate concrete designs. 

It takes many years before the design starts fading. But you can easily prolong that time by getting your stamped concrete floor resealed every few years. If your outdoor concrete floor is in question, especially one that sees a lot of stress like a driveway or walkway, then you should be getting it resealed one every 2 years for the best results. Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando is your one stop shop for concrete refinishing and sealing. 

Transform Your Concrete Patio, Pool Deck, Or Driveway With Stamped Concrete Resurfacing.

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