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One of the main reasons why concrete is such a popular flooring option in Orlando, FL is because of the variety in concrete design that you can obtain. A lot of people associate concrete with just a dull gray surface. But there is so much that can be done with it. 

In fact, concrete floors are one of the most common you will find not just in Orlando but all of Florida. And when handled by the expert concrete resurfacing contractors of Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando, it can be turned into one of the most eye-catching features of your home or business.

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What Are the Different Concrete Design Options I Have?

The things that can be done with concrete are limitless, especially with Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando. Let us start with the simplest option that you have – concrete polishing. By using diamond pads of increasing grating, the floor is made absolutely smooth and sealed with epoxy or other sealants. These coatings can be mixed with pigments to provide printed concrete patterns.

There are also a large number of textures that you can do for cost-effective patterned concrete. Some of the most popular ones are splatter, knockdown, broom, spray, combed, rock salt, sand, sweep, lace, and much more. You can literally choose any object and create a new texture using it.

You can also make stained concrete floors. Earlier, acid stain concrete was used most often. But nowadays, water-based stained have taken over due to them being more environment-friendly. Numerous types of concrete stains are available these days, and for exterior concrete resurfacing there are even UV-resistant outdoor concrete stains available.

One of the best concrete resurfacing options in Orlando, FL, is obviously stamped concrete. There is an endless number of stamped concrete patterns that you can choose for your concrete overlay floor. You can even combine them with cement stains to create elaborately imprinted concrete, various motifs, or even recreate the appearance of timber, stone, forest floor, rocks, and so on.

What Can Be Done with Concrete Stains?

In the initial days, most concrete stains were based on alcohol. They created vivid staining, but they faded easily, especially when exposed directly to the sunlight. These were replaced by acid stain concrete, which was created by dissolving metallic pigmented salts in mineral acids. They created deep, rustic tones and abstract concrete patterns, but the run-off was too corrosive. 

Thus, they were mostly replaced by water-based concrete stain colors. However, water stain concrete was not as durable as acid stained concrete floors, because they were based on the physical binding of the pigment particles to the concrete rather than chemical as in the latter. 

Nowadays, epoxy sealants are also coming in colored variants to create colored concrete. The more the layers of sealant used, the longer the color will stay. Of course, you will need to give touch-ups every few years to maintain the epoxy layer of the concrete floor.

You can also add cement stains to polished concrete to make it look brighter, especially for an office space. Or, you can also combine it with stamped concrete to create paved looks. The concrete resurfacing experts at Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando can even create the looks of stone, marble, wood, or any costly finish at a fraction of the price of the actual materials. 

What Are My Options with Concrete Textures?

Concrete textures are a highly affordable method to obtain snazzy concrete floor designs that lift up the whole vibe of your house. Knockdown and splatter are some of the most common techniques used and require just a trowel to obtain. Combed textures can also be obtained with brooms or wire brushes. 

Rock salt is another excellent cement resurfacing technique that is easy to create without much expense. Rock salt is mixed during the concrete refinishing step and later washed away to create a speckled look. 

The concrete resurfacing contractors of Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando are experts in creating new and creative concrete patterns. 

Why Is Stamped Concrete the Best Option?

Stamped concrete affords many different options as far as textures, patterns, and colors as well as long term durability. Our artists can create concrete overlays in a multitude of patterns.  The kinds of stamped concrete designs you can obtain are innumerable. They can be used in conjunction with stains and other tools to broaden the prospects even more.

Stamped concrete is a great way to achieve a paved look for your concrete floors. You can work with various textured designs to create evenly patterned pressed concrete. This very technique can also be used to replicate the looks of other floor materials like stone, timber, sandstone, travertine, cobblestone, or a number of other popular flooring options.

You can also use motifs like leaves, shells, butterflies, and so on for a quirky look that accentuates the running theme of the space. Such decorative concrete overlay is very popular if you want a highly unique look without spending too much. 

The best thing about stamped concrete is that neither is it too expensive nor too difficult to create, yet the end results are spectacular. Moreover, concrete is a durable flooring solution and lasts for ages even in the extreme weather of Orlando, FL, with the right maintenance and repair. The fact that stamped concrete resurfacing is the specialty of Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando makes it even better.

Transform Your Concrete Patio, Pool Deck, Or Driveway With Stamped Concrete Resurfacing.

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Upgrading from another kind of floor or a plain concrete floor is a big step towards sustainable, affordable flooring. You do not want to mess it up. That is why it is best to get all your concrete design resurfacing done by established experts like Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando. Call us or submit your details through the form, and one of our specialists will call and provide you a free evaluation for the services you need.