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Concrete resurfacing is a highly in-demand service in a place like Apopka, FL. This is because of the fact that most people here prefer to have concrete floors over other materials. Concrete flooring has a lot of advantages over other common flooring materials and is also more affordable to have them.

Moreover, they are more resistant to the effects of the tropical weather prevalent here. But for concrete floors to provide the advantages they do, only expert concrete resurfacing contractors should handle the job of construction, repair, and maintenance. And that is exactly what Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando provides. 

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Besides the above advantages, with Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando, you will find every single concrete resurfacing service that you may need right here with us. You do not have to go from one place in Apopka, FL to another. From simple concrete overlay to elaborate decorative concrete, you get the best of everything here. 

We obviously also do specialize in concrete floor resurfacing work like concrete patio resurfacing, concrete driveway resurfacing, and concrete pool deck resurfacing. We are best known for our stamped concrete work. We also work with acid stain concrete, which hardly any company does these days.

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Concrete Resurfacing Apopka

Concrete resurfacing is the base on which most concrete work is held. With concrete resurfacing, not only can you revive even the most damaged and weathered concrete floor but also give your old floor a completely new makeover. There is a wide range of options by which you can do a concrete overlay or concrete refinishing to give the old floor new life.

Stamped concrete overlay is the forte of Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando. But we also provide all other kinds of concrete resurfacing options like stained concrete floors, concrete textures, concrete polishing, and other concrete floor designs for imprinted concrete. We do both complete concrete resurfacing of the floor or localized overlay to correct small damage.

Concrete Resurfacing

Stamped Concrete Patio Apopka

Stamped Concrete Patio 1

A stamped concrete patio is the best thing you can do to that beloved space in your home. Patio flooring gets worn easily due to the fact that people spend a lot of time here, enjoying the nice tropical weather of Apopka, FL. However, that means you will also have to repair your patio more frequently. But with the low concrete overlay cost offered by Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando, concrete porch resurfacing becomes less of an issue. 

Moreover, we have some of the nicest concrete patio designs in our catalog that you can choose from. Having a concrete or cement patio also gives the added advantage of durability. That means you don’t have to resurface concrete patios as much as wood, tiles, or brick, further reducing concrete patio costs.

Driveway Resurfacing Apopka

Driveways need extra care, maintenance, and special exterior concrete resurfacing techniques due to the greater stress they go through. Thus, it makes sense to have a driveway that is easy and affordable to maintain without affecting quality and durability. But, at the same time, it should look appealing. A stamped concrete driveway does exactly that.

A concrete driveway lasts longer when maintained. Moreover, concrete driveway resurfacing is easier and faster than most other materials. An overlay can fix most problems. And if you let us at Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando add stamped concrete patterns to it, it instantly changes the look from run-of-the-mill to fab.

Driveway Resurfacing

Pool Deck Resurfacing Apopka

Pool Deck Resurfacing

Swimming pool decks, if thoughtfully built, can help prevent a lot of swimming pool accidents that are so common in Apopka, FL. The best that you can do for your pool deck is going for concrete cool deck resurfacing. It prevents the overheating of the deck and also keeps it dry. Kool deck resurfacing has become the ‘go-to-choice’ of the people. 

Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando also provides other pool deck resurfacing if you are looking for something fancy. In that case, we use special UV-resistant outdoor concrete stain colors for the patterned concrete.

Concrete Design Apopka

Concrete design is a diverse field and Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando does full justice to it. We are best known for our stamped concrete designs, but we also do colored concrete. Our pressed concrete patterns are made using the best quality cement stamps. We have the most attractive stamped concrete cost in all of Apopka, FL.

We also do printed concrete, but what sets us apart is that we not only use water-based cement stains that nearly every company provides, but we also do acid stain concrete, that has become all but extinct. Besides concrete stain, we also excel in other forms of decorative concrete like textures, polishing, inlays, etc.

before and after concrete walkway

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Concrete resurfacing is an important service and our aim is to provide the best grade of this service to the people of Apopka, FL. But that is not all. We also extend our services to the people living in the neighboring areas of Apopka, FL who wish to benefit from our services.

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Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando has quickly established itself as the leading authority of all kinds of concrete resurfacing, overlays, and stamped concrete services in Apopka, FL. Way too many concrete and cement resurfacing companies have set up shops here, but when it comes to customer satisfaction and quality of services, we are second to none.

We employ only the best people in the industry and ensure that they are constantly trained and kept updated on the latest concrete refinishing, resurfacing, and overlay techniques and tools. We use the best materials and provide the best services while maintaining a transparent pricing structure. This allows us to provide the most competitive rates without compromising quality.

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