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The condition of the floors of a house tells you if the house truly is in good condition or it has just been glossed over. When it comes to houses in Orlando, FL, most kinds of floors fail to last long and look good while doing so. The hot and humid tropical weather is bad for wood, stone and marble are expensive and too much of a hassle, tiles get dirty in the grout, and so on. 

Hence, concrete floors are the best solution to tackle all these common issues. Concrete floors last for ages and an overlay of stamped concrete can instantly perk up the look of the place. Needless to say, concrete resurfacing is a highly demanded service in Orlando, FL. And high-quality concrete overlay is exactly where Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando excels.

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Concrete Design

Concrete resurfacing is highly diverse in the kinds of services and end results you can get from it. You can have a plain concrete refinishing done or you can get a decorative concrete overlay. Moreover, there are many ways to get decorative concrete done. 

You can get patterned concrete using stamped concrete designs or can go for stained concrete floors. Some people prefer plain concrete flooring and opt for concrete polishing. Of course, this can be combined with concrete stains to make simple printed concrete too.

Most concrete companies specialize in one or a few of the variety of concrete work that can be done on floors. But Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando is not like them. No matter what kind of patterned or colored concrete you need, we will be able to do it for you. 

We do all kinds of concrete resurfacing, especially stamped concrete patio, driveway resurfacing, and pool deck resurfacing work. We provide not only the usual pool deck resurfacing options but also kool deck resurfacing. Whether you are looking for interior or exterior concrete resurfacing, we can deliver top-grade results for both. 

You can even use concrete stain and stamped concrete to create imprinted concrete that perfectly mimics other flooring materials like stone, brick, marble, tiles, wood, travertine, cobblestone, sandstone, and anything else you want. We make it a point to stay up-to-date on the latest concrete design and patterns available and bring them to our clients looking for stamped concrete in Orlando, FL. 

Do you have a dull Concrete Floor you want to revamp?

Concrete Resurfacing Orlando

Concrete resurfacing is the universal technique that can be applied to any kind of concrete floor to refinish the concrete floor in a myriad of available options. You can transform and dull gray concrete surface and renovate it for a new look. You can apply any stamped concrete, concrete stain, or another concrete design process to resurface your concrete floor surface.

One of the fastest, easiest, and most economical ways to resurface a concrete floor is by adding textures. Knockdown, spray, broom, trowel, rock salt, etc. are some very common finishes that the people of Orlando, FL choose for their concrete floors. There are many other textures that you can choose from.

There are also special ways to do specific concrete resurfacing jobs like concrete pool deck resurfacing, concrete driveway resurfacing, and concrete patio resurfacing. Due to the extra stress and strain that they have to experience because of foot and vehicle traffic, we recommend re-sealing every 2 to 3 years.

At Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando, we also do concrete polishing for formal areas where the patterned concrete resurfacing may not be the right fit. You can choose a super-polished look using epoxy coating or go for a more subtle, hued look using concrete stains.

Concrete Resurfacing

Stamped Concrete Patio Orlando

Stamped Concrete Patio

People spend loads of time on their patios. Patios are a great place to relax alone, spend time with the family, or even enjoy yourself with your friends. It is neither completely outdoor nor entirely indoor but provides the best of both worlds. As a result, people use their patio flooring throughout the year in the warm climate of Central Florida.

It is therefore not surprising that cement patios are some of the most frequently repaired floors in the house. People do not want their patio to look bad, especially when guests instantly gravitate towards that space. And it is hard to notice when small cracks turn into big ones or the color slowly fades, making the patio look old and unattended.

A concrete patio or concrete porch resurfacing solves all these problems easily. A large number of concrete patio designs are available to make your stamped concrete patio look bright and attractive. We also provide sealing services to protect your investment for a long time to come. Contact Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando for resurfacing your concrete patio, and our experts will get it done at an affordable concrete patio cost to fit your budget.

Driveway Resurfacing Orlando

Driveways take the worst damage because it is not just people walking over it but also vehicle traffic.  As a result, driveways show cracks the fastest, most frequently, and in the greatest amounts. 

Keeping a driveway unrepaired is only going to increase the damage. If you do not fix it as soon as the damage starts showing, you are going to end up with potholes and fissures. Getting a simple driveway resurfacing will address the issue.

A stamped concrete driveway can end all your problems permanently. Concrete driveways are some of the most durable and resistant to damage among the usually available options. They are easier to maintain and repair, requiring only a resealing job done every few years to keep them in top condition. 

With stamped concrete driveway, there are many concrete design options available that could not be possible with brick pavers. Concrete allows you to get colors and patterns put in a way that you cannot achieve the same with others. We at Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando can look after all your concrete driveway resurfacing and construction needs along with related repairs and reseals at a reasonable cost.

Driveway Resurfacing

Pool Deck Resurfacing Orlando

Pool Deck Resurfacing

The cool deck keeps the pool deck cool even in the hottest of summers, thus preventing foot burns. It also dries quickly, so that people don’t slip on the deck. 

One of the most common ways to resurface your swimming pool deck is the kool deck or cool deck resurfacing. But the most you can do with a kool deck is a spray deck finish which is nothing but a basic concrete flooring painted over with sprayed texture. Everyone does that, and there isn’t anything special about it. 

But Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando takes it a step further to this boring spray deck by introducing the ‘stamped concrete’ cool deck resurfacing. This makes it the most attractive alternative to any of the standard cool deck resurfacing you may think of. 

We have numerous options for concrete design to choose from to create the look and feel you are going after for your pool deck.  From modern tile designs and textures to rustic flagstone patterns, we have the choices to capture your dream pool deck!

Concrete Design Orlando

There is a lot that you can do to achieve the concrete design you want. You can choose from concrete stains, stamped concrete, or a combination of the two to achieve different types of decorative concrete overlay. The types of concrete resurfacing options are really unlimited when you let your imagination free with all the available combinations.

Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando maintains a long catalog of concrete designs popular in Orlando, FL to choose from when you are getting patterned concrete in your home. Our range of colored concrete, as well as stamped concrete, ensures that there is no end to the variety of designs you can achieve with us. 

From simple repetitive designs to complex patterns, our concrete resurfacing contractors can do anything you ask for. We use plain techniques to create innovative imprinted concrete overlays featuring illustrations and emulations of other flooring materials or real surfaces like beach sand, rocky mountain ground, or forest floors. 

Concrete Design

Could you use a driveway resurfacing for your dull, cracked driveway?

Popular Concrete Resurfacing Techniques

There are many ways that you can resurface or renovate your concrete floor to make them look premium and as good as new. Which technique will suit a flooring best depends on a number of factors like location, utility, environmental factors, previous flooring material, and the condition of old flooring to be repaired?  Here are some of the most common concrete resurfacing techniques on the market so you can make an informed decision.

Concrete Stain

Stained concrete floors can be achieved in many ways and have been in use for a long time. In the early days, alcohol-based stains were mostly used. But they were not very durable and often faded in the sunlight when used as an outdoor concrete stain. As a result, people soon shifted to acid stain concrete. 

This was achieved by using pigmented metallic salts that reacted with the basic limestone in the concrete to produce abstract patterns. The tones created were usually earthy and rich. The concrete pattern was highly long-lasting due to the chemical bonding of the pigments with the concrete. But acid stain concrete was not very environment-friendly.

To address this issue, water stain concrete came into use. These were simple water-soluble concrete stain colors that were applied in any required pattern to give concrete floor designs. They are still the most commonly used concrete stains.

Another way of achieving concrete colors is by using pigments dissolved in the concrete refinishing coat. Epoxy sealers mixed with pigments can be applied on concrete floors to achieve colored concrete without having to touch the concrete. More the number of coats, the better the color. 

However, a clever combination of concrete stain and stamped concrete patterns can be used to imitate other floor materials, like stone, marble, wood, or sandstone.

Concrete Stain

Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete overlay is a great way to change the entire look of your flooring – from rustic stone, to modern tile and wood concrete overlays! In fact, stamped concrete cost over time is a better value because of the years of beauty and service it can provide with little maintenance, only requiring sealing every 2-3 years.   It is one of the most common concrete design techniques used in Orlando, FL.

In this technique, the old floor, if not made of concrete, is dug up and the underlying floor surface is etched to provide holding power. A layer of concrete is then poured over and allowed to settle. When semi-dry, cement stamps are used to make various patterns on the surface.  If an existing concrete surface exists, our experts prep the surface extensively before the concrete overlay process.

As we already mentioned before, pressed concrete, when given the right color using concrete stain, can be made to look like a variety of other materials. This includes stone, wood, tiles, cobblestone, and any other patterns. This is quite a cost-effective way to make your house look stylish.

But stamped concrete can also be used in another ingenious way. Using stamps and stains, decorative concrete can be created to form concrete patterns like simple pavers to more complex designs. You can achieve lifelike designs to imitate beaches, forest floors, fossils, footprints, and much more.

Concrete Polishing

Concrete polishing involves using chemical or manual methods to etch the old concrete surface or the newly made substrate surface. After this, a thin concrete layer is poured over it. The concrete is then smoothed to a degree using trowels or pressing tools. This concrete used at this layer is now less granular, smoother and finer.

Once dry, industrial machines fitted with diamond pads are used to sand the entire concrete floor. The process is repeated with diamond pads of increasing fineness. As a result, more and more bumps and ridges get removed at each turn until you are left with an absolutely smooth floor.

You will then have to seal the floor with good sealants to retain the polish and enhance the floor. The sealant also protects the floor from scratches and chips that can damage the polish. Resealing must be done every few years or when the polish starts getting dull.  Pigments can be added either to the concrete itself or to the sealant coating to provide color. 

Concrete Polishing

Concrete Overlay

Concrete Overlay

Concrete overlay and stamped concrete are synonymous terms and are used interchangeably.  Concrete overlays can revamp an existing concrete floor into previously mentioned patterns and colors such as stone, brick, tiles, and wood. The end result is a concrete floor that looks as good as new.

When there are only minor cracks and chips in the concrete floor, a concrete overlay is enough to repair the damage and fix the look. Overlays can also be placed on newly poured concrete to produce concrete flooring for new concrete driveways and concrete patios. The overlay be given colors and patterns to create the look and feel you desire.

In Orlando, FL, decorative concrete overlay is a great way to quickly change the look of the room or space without needing to demo the floor from the ground up. It is a popular concrete refinishing technique. Stamped concrete concrete overlay is the best alternative to brick or stone pavers and allows for more design choices.  Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando can also use a concrete overlay to quickly alter or repair a concrete floor that needs repair.

Add pizazz to your concrete patio.


Most frequent questions and answers

Stamped concrete is one of the most durable options when it comes to flooring materials. It will last decades if properly maintained and repaired.  We recommend sealing to prevent fading and to preserve the color every 2-3 years.

Yes, you can use concrete resurfacing to cover your old concrete surface with a stamped concrete overlay.  This is very cost effective.

If you just require concrete resurfacing on an existing concrete surface, stamped concrete or concrete overlays are the best cost-effective approach. 

Stamped concrete can last 25 to 30 years or even more when maintained correctly and repaired in time.

Stamped concrete can be power washed without any adverse effects like chipping or wearing around the edges.

Colored concrete can fade with time, some stains more so than others. Regular resealing will help maintain the color and shine.

Stamped concrete floors in intensive use areas like driveways need resealing every 2 years while other areas need to be resealed every 2-5 years or as needed.  It depends on the environmental conditions and the usage of the surface over time.

Stamped concrete requires only routine maintenance and occasional resealing to last for years.

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If you look around the houses in Orlando, FL, you will notice that most houses have concrete floors. These can be done with concrete stain, concrete design, or a simple concrete overlay. You will see concrete work on the floors of rooms, decks, driveways, and walkways. People here truly understand the value of concrete. 

However, when it comes to companies that provide concrete overlays as a service, you will be hard-pressed to find one whose work you can be satisfied with. And you should not settle for anything less than good-quality concrete work. Ideally, you should go only for the best quality of concrete handiwork possible.

And that is exactly what we at Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando have dedicated ourselves to provide to the residents Orlando, FL. With concrete experts who have been in the business for years, we fulfill your concrete floor resurfacing needs with competence, quality, and authority. 

Our concrete resurfacing experts stay updated on all the latest industry techniques and materials to ensure that your concrete floors are made to match the market standards. 

Moreover, our concrete overlay cost is the most competitive in the area. so you do not have to worry about the budget at any point. We maintain a high level of transparency in all our dealings and never overcharge or underdeliver. If you are looking for affordability without compromise of quality, Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando is the choice for your concrete resurfacing needs!

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If you live in Orlando, FL, and need any kind of stamped concrete, concrete resurfacing, or concrete design done to the floors of your home, you are in the right place. Artistic Stamped Concrete Orlando is the leading authority for all kinds of concrete work in Orlando. Our years of experience and concrete experts make it possible to provide any kind of concrete services you need with an assurance of quality and cost-effectiveness. 

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